Water Distillers: Easy to use, 20 Times Cheaper than Bottled Water!

Distilled water is so pure, even the ice cubes are clear. Tap water is so impure, the ice is white!

Water distillers do just that, distill water. Unlike other water purification systems, water distillers are versatile, with several models and types to meet every different need and budget, and they are very economical both to purchase and to maintain.

The basics of operation are common to all water distillers, however, some water distillers have additional stages of water purification which takes your water very close to being 100% pure, as nature intended. The cost of running the distiller is about $0.15 of electricity per gallon Vs $3.30 for bottled water!

Generally, the most basic water distiller consists of a stainless steel container which is heated to the point that water becomes vapor. As the water vapor rises through the container, it meets a winding tube which, through help of a fan, cools down the vapor (condensing) and brings that vapor back to liquid form.

The better systems also include two additional stages of water purification. One of them is a small opening at the top of the container usually right at the beginning of the condensing tube, which helps dissipate any harmful gasses. These harmful gases are not that common in most tap water but “just in case”, some manufacturers have added this additional stage of purification. 

The other stage found in higher end water distillers is a carbon filter, which is normally located at the very end of the condensing tube, just as the water comes out of the distiller and into the purified water container. Carbon Filter clears all the VOCs, which again, are not very common, but if you have them in your untreated water, it will get rid of that too. The result is close to 100% pure refreshing water. For more on distillation please visit our page on Distilled Water.

There are several types of water distillers. The most common for residential use are manually refilled counter top water distillers; these are small, usually one gallon capacity (water is manually added to the distiller container). Plug them in and 4 hours later you’ll have crystal clear pure refreshing distilled water. That simple. By far, the two most popular water distillers are the Water Distiller, Countertop, White Enamel, Glass Collection and the Durastill 30H4 8 Gallon CounterTop Distiller (4-gallon capacity), and these can save you thousands of dollars compared to drinking  and buying bottled water, not to mention, Distilled water is so much healthier for you than most tap and bottle water!  For those of you who wish to add minerals to distilled water, you can also do it for less than a penny per glass. The difference among the top brands of manually refilled counter tops is mainly The speed of production, convenience of production, the looks and the material of the container (Plastic or Glass) that receives the distilled water that is produced out of the distiller.

There are also Fully Automatic counter top water distillers; as the name implies, these machines fill up automatically, so you don’t have to spend time re-filling the distillers. These are usually for larger families or small and large restaurants. If you have a large family (More than 4), then you might consider a smaller automatic water distiller system. Installation of such systems are much easier than other Systems of such scale.

If you have a more substantial operation, such as a large restaurant, school, church, etc. then a commercial grade Fully automatic distiller might be right for you.


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