Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink ? – You Bet

Distilled water, like rain water, is water that started off as liquid water mainly from the ocean and lakes, then evaporated creating water vapor, and then condensing back into liquid form but leaving all the impurities behind. Would you drink rain water? Most of the water we all drink comes directly or indirectly from rain water. The difference is that distilled water  is comparable to having rain water being caught on buckets before it hits the ground. Pure, refreshing, great tasting, and safe to drink water, just as nature intended.

Not only is distilled water the safest water to drink because of the lack of contaminants, but it has also many health benefits, for more please read Distilled Water Health Benefits .

Distilled Water also tastes great. The great majority of people who drink distilled water for a full day cannot go back to drinking any other type of water… even bottled water tastes horrible after drinking pure and fresh distilled water. Distilled water further enhances the flavor of other liquids that are mixed with it. Coffee, Orange Juice, Lemonade, tea, etc. are all liquids that their flavor is greatly enhanced by using distilled water. If you’re a real coffee drinker, you haven’t tried great coffee if it was not prepared with distilled water.


Distilled Water enhances the flavor of many drinks, including coffee.

The reason distilled water tastes great and enhances the flavor of other things that are mixed with it is that distilled water is almost 100% pure water. Some people, mainly those who sell water filters, claim that distilled water (as well as reverse osmosis) lacks minerals and therefore, in their view, it is unhealthy. There is no scientific fact to this claim; about 95% to 99% of all the minerals human beings consume come from food, not liquids. However, for those who still don’t believe in science, minerals can cheaply and easily be added to distilled water for less than a penny per glass! For more see Adding Minerals to Distilled Water. Either way, with or without minerals, distilled water is safe to drink.

Some of attacks against distilled water comes from people who sell reverse osmosis or atmospheric water generators. It is a scientific fact that both of these systems end up with a water quality that is very similar, almost identical, to distilled water. How ironic!

By the way, a lot of the bottled water sold in the marked meet lower standards than tap water. So, it may be safer not only to drink distilled water, but to avoid bottled water. For more, please read Bottled water vs Tap water

Why do so many people try to falsely discredit Distilled water? Distilled water is the system to beat. It produces the purest water very cheaply (about $0.20 per gallon!) and in a simple way with very little equipment and portable everywhere in your house and even for camping. The cost of a decent water distiller  is also very cheap compared to other systems with a comparable water quality output, so many salesmen prefer to sell other systems instead of water distillers just because the commissions are much higher for the other most expensive systems than they are even for the most expensive of Water distillers.



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