How to Make Distilled Water: Easy, but Not so Easy

Distilled water is Pure Water, scientifically, it’s close to been 100% pure water, with no single stage system creating water as pure as a water distiller . The concept of making distilled water is simple, water is boiled creating steam (water vapor), this water vapor is then collected and is let to cool down to become liquid water again (condensation). Since vapor is much lighter than almost all impurities, the liquid water created from the vapor is pure. This is the same process that nature uses to purify water through rain water; unfortunately, once rain hits the ground, it collects the impurities, hence the need for water purification.

Steam coming out of the pressure cooker can be condensed to make distilled water.

You can make your own Distilled water with households utensils. Although the science of distilled water is simple, you’ll see the process is not that easy or convenient, that’s why most people get a Water Distiller . If you want to make your own distilled water without a water distiller, the most simple way is by using a Pressure Cooker.

With a pressure cooker, the process to obtain distilled water is relatively simple. Remove the pressure regulator so that steam can freely flow out of the cooker as soon as it is created, therefore not creating any pressure. Put a long hose in the vent, so any steam created goes through the hose. The hose will have to be long enough to that the water vapor passing through it has time to cool down and become liquid again. For a Hose the diameter of a drinking straw, you’ll need about 5 feet worth of hose. For a bigger diameter hose, you’ll need a much longer hose. By the way, the modern Pressure cookers seem to be somewhat inconvenient when it comes to safely removing the pressure regulator, but we did find a pressure cooker that is perfect for the job without having to break the bank, the Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

As you can see, it is rather inconvenient to make distilled water with your own kitchen utensils. Not only does it take a lot of space from your stove and good part of your counters, but it requires a lot of your time because you need to keep track of it. Inherently, if you don’t keep an eye on it, then the stove will be ON for a longer period than necessary meaning it will cost you higher in energy costs.

Making distilled water this way is a far cry from using a Water Distiller. Even a small counter top water distiller has many advantages over making your own distilled water with pots and pans. First, the counter top water distiller doesn’t take up much space and the water container is surrounded by insulation, which means water heats up faster; once the water has been distilled, most distillers automatically shut off so you don’t waste electricity. A fan also cools the hose inside the distiller which means water is condensed faster. The Countertop water distiller is also easy to clean, not more difficult than washing dishes.

The quality of the water is also superior because a water distiller uses multiple stages of water purification. First, the water distiller has a vent which allows for potential chemicals from escaping the container before they are re-diluted into the water (these are known as Volatile Organic Contaminants, or VOCs, but are not that common in tap water). The other common stage of water purification within water distillers is the activated carbon filter, which eliminates everything else. The result is pure water, just like nature intended.

However, for those of you who have a Camping spirit or are survivalists, it is still possible to Conveniently create distilled water without the use of electricity with water distillers precisely designed to be used with fired or any kind of hear source. Above is a picture of one of the few available non-electric water distillers on Amazon, and if you want to create your own water distiller, above is also a picture of a Pressure Cooker that can be Jerry Rigged to help Distill water (although extremely slower, inconvenient, without the added carbon filter, and with higher energy costs than a traditional electric distiller)


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