Distilled Water, Pure Healthy Water — why many LIE about it ?

What is Distilled water ? Distilled water is the purest water in comparison to all other water purification systems, with Reverse Osmosis (RO) and atmospheric water generation both coming in close second. This is a Scientific Fact – a Scientific Truth. A lot of the internet, however, says the opposite even as far as to say that distilled water is not safe to drink! The reason for this Lie is clear to us: Reverse Osmosis units and Atmospheric water generators are much more expensive than Water distillers so sales and commissions are much more profitable instead of trying to sell Water distillers. We hope the following clears up any doubts.


Why is Distilled water pure and clean water ?


The Left Glass is pure distilled water with distilled water Cubes, The glass on the right is Tap water. The Glass in the middle is NOT BEER – It is the impurities left behind by tap water after distilling approximately 100 Gallons. Yuck!

Rain Water has no salt and yet rain water is the result of ocean water – rich in salt –  turning into vapor and back into liquid form. Where did the salt go? It remained in the ocean because salt is heavier than water vapor. In fact, almost everything is heavier than water vapor and most of anything else that isn’t heavier than water is lighter than water and simply escapes into the atmosphere.

That is why Distilled water is so pure, because almost all of the impurities, about 99%, are heavier than water vapor and are simply left behind in the distiller container. Since water distillers go through several stages of purification, distilled water is almost 100% pure water, as close as nature intended.


The Basics: What is distilled water ?

Distilled water is simply water that has gone from liquid to vapor and back to liquid. In nature rain water is just that: Water from lakes or oceans which evaporated (i.e. turned into water vapor) eventually producing rain (i.e. vapor turns into liquid) – Also known as the Water Cycle.



A Water Distiller creates pure clean water in a similar process as Mother Nature but at a much faster pace. The water distiller takes water and heats it to the point of creating steam (i.e. water vapor) by boiling the water. The water distiller then captures the steam and condenses it (i.e. cools it) in such a way that the water vapor turns back into liquid water, but leaving all the impurities behind.

Usually something considered natural, from nature, is synonymous with healthy. Distilled water is closest to nature than any other water purification system.


So, Why do so many people Lie about Distilled Water ?  

We believe the #1 incentive for many people, including some “doctors”, to try to discredit Distilled Water is purely a matter of money. A decent counter top water distiller for household use can be purchased and installed for around $150 (For example, Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, Stainless Steel, Glass Bottle (Black)
). A small basic reverse osmosis system installed can cost $400 and requires filters that must be replaced regularly because Reverse Osmosis is dependent on these filters to work properly. Distilled water also creates pure clean water for just $0.15 per gallon (varies depending on the actual distiller). Distillers are also very easy to maintain – easier than washing dishes.


So, reverse Osmosis requires a higher upfront cost and regular maintenance costs which makes selling Reverse Osmosis a much more profitable business than selling Distilled water. In other words, Many people will sell you Reverse Osmosis because they get a higher commission. A similar argument can be made about Atmospheric Water generators.

We’re not saying Reverse Osmosis and Atmospheric water generators are bad water purification systems, all systems have advantages and disadvantages depending on what the goal of the user is, but we are saying that the water quality from a water distiller is better than that of those other two systems. In fact, although scientifically speaking distilled water is purer than the other two water purification systems previously mentioned, even to the point that you can tell the difference in the taste, for all practical purposes, the water quality of these three water purification systems are virtually equivalent, again, with Distilled waster systems producing slightly better water quality than the other systems. The Big caveat is that Distilled water produces this pure water consistently with almost no maintenance at a cheap cost, the same cannot be said about Reverse Osmosis. The upfront cost alone is a huge difference between the systems.

Judge for yourselves. here are 3 examples of commercially available filtration system:

At this point, we hope you agree a distilled water really blows the competition out of the water.

Plus, since the quality of the water from these three purification systems is so close to each other,  criticizing the water quality of any of these three systems is effectively criticizing the other two systems, it would make No Sense to criticize the water quality of Distilled water and say that the quality of reverse osmosis is better, and yet people still do it. See below for more examples of wrong statements.


More Lies: Distilled Water linked to Early Death


Distilled-water-Good-Heart This is perhaps among the most false statement of all relating to Distilled water. This statement was made famous by an article found at mercola’s website, which ironically, sells Reverse Osmosis systems which produce water that is virtually the same as distilled water , in fact mercola says “Distilled water […] Like a reverse osmosis filter, all healthy minerals are removed” (http://waterfilters.mercola.com/drinking-water-filter.aspx). If you take a sample of distilled water and Reverse Osmosis water to most laboratories around the world, they will have a hard time figuring out which kind of water is which (Although Distilled water will usually be recognized as the purest water). The article was actually Written by Dr. Rona in Canada (we believe placed on mercola’s site by mistake).

Saying that Distilled water is linked to Early death is saying that reverse Osmosis is linked to early death. Just Not true, they are both safe.


More Lies: Distilled Water removes Minerals from your Body


Water gets whatever small amount of minerals from the soil

This statement tries to bring attention to the fact that Distilled Water removes minerals from water. The other Fact is that Reverse Osmosis and most high end filtration systems also remove Minerals from the water. Although distilled water and reverse osmosis water lack minerals, they do not remove minerals from your body. Minerals in your water is not natural (As water flows through dirt, it picks some minerals and other impurities), but if you want them, Distilled water has the advantage that you can add minerals easily to your water for less than a penny per glass.


More Lies: Distilled Water is Unsafe to Drink


This wrong statement is really appalling because these comments usually come from people who promote Reverse Osmosis. Again, if distilled water is unsafe to drink, then the other water filtration systems, such as Reverse Osmosis, are also unsafe to drink because as explained earlier, the water quality of these systems are very similar to each other and close to being 100% pure water. Distilled water is safe to drink, no doubt. For more please read Is Distilled Water safe to Drink and Distilled Water Health Benefits



More Lies: Water Distillers do not remove Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs)


Most decent water distillers have a multi stage filtration, which include an opening at the top of the distiller and for extra precaution, you can add as an option an Activated Charcoal Filter (also extremely cheap, see Distiller Charcoal Filters 12pk) just like Reverse Osmosis Systems use. The combination of all these purification stages contained within the water distiller renders the water almost 100% pure.


More Lies: Distilled Water tastes bad


Distilled water tastes great, just like Reverse Osmosis water and water created by an Atmospheric water generator. After drinking pure water most people can never go back to drinking bottled or tap water because the taste of impure water is horrible.


The Ice Block on the Left is filtered Tap water, the Ice block on the right is pure distilled water

Distilled pure water enhances the taste of coffee, juices, tea, lemonades, Clear Ice, etc. But if people are not willing to switch to the great taste of pure water and enhancing the taste of other liquids, they can always add minerals to the water for less than penny per glass.



More Lies: Low PH water is bad for you


Lemonade’s PH is much lower than Distilled Water

Like any of other water treated to purity, Distilled water (and reverse osmosis) have lower PH values, meaning they are slightly more acidic than water that has impurities, such as tap water or bottled water and Most people cannot tell the difference. Are acidic drinks bad for you? Well, Orange juice and lemonades are much more acidic than water and yet they are not killing anyone, neither does pure water. But if you’re concerned about the slight acidity you can always add minerals to the water for less than a penny per glass.


Conclusion: Drink Distilled water

Distilled water is more accessible than ever. Simple and sophisticated water Distillers are available and affordable, giving you access to continuous pure water straight from the comfort of your home. The most highly review Amazon distiller is the Water Distiller, Countertop, White Enamel, Glass Collection and Below are also common examples of water distillers.

Example of one of the more durable, robust, and convenient to use Water Distillers. Produces about 6 to 7 Gallons of Distilled Water a Day. (Click The Picture to find out more)


A more common example of Water Distiller, producing about 5-6 gallons a day (Click on Picture to Learn More)







Example of a Larger fully automatic Water Distiller (Click the Picture to learn more)

Example of small Fully Automatic Water Distiller (Click the Picture to learn more)














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