Distilled Water Health Benefits – Extend Your Life

 There are many benefits to drinking Distilled Water. Distilled water is the purest healthiest water, almost as pure and healthy as the water produced by nature before it hits the ground.

Water distillers  available to the general public usually rely on a multi stage filtration system, where distillation is the primary system and the remainder of the water is further purified in a secondary and even tertiary stage. The primary stage is to turn contaminated water into water vapor thus getting rid of the vast majority of the impurities and contaminants, maybe close to 99% pure water. After these first stages, the water goes through a ventilation system and an activated carbon filter which gets rid of all the Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) rendering the water almost 100% pure.

As you can see, the process is very clean, without any chemicals added to the water. No chemicals, such as Chlorine in Water, is something many water bottles can’t even claim they don’t have. In fact, you might get sick from drinking water bottles as explained in Bottled water vs Tap water

By being pure water, one of the inherent benefits of Distilled Water is to promote healthy kidney function allowing the body to filter out impurities already in the body. It further prevents kidney stones because pure water removes the calcium in the water. Many are surprised to know that tap water usually contains calcium and that many municipalities add calcium to the water (which can also ruin your plumbing!).

Another chemical, Emanel Fluorosis, which is present in Tap water and many bottled waters, significantly discolors teeth in children. In fact, many times you don’t even have to drink contaminated water, just exposure to it such as by taking a shower, is enough to create health problems.

In the subject of tap water, according to Prevention Magazine, 50% of the US population drinks water that has been recycled through recently discharged wastewater (i.e. Sewer water), and like many local governmental drinking water treatments, wastewater treatments do not remove many of the toxic substances.

In 2009 the New York Times reported 20% of the Nation’s water treatment plants violated several provisions of the Safe Water Drinking Act

In fact, in 2009 the New York Times reported 20% of the Nation’s water treatment plants violated several provisions of the Safe Water Drinking Act, and the act itself does not include many of the contaminants that are found in drinking tap water.

In other words, the indirect health benefit of drinking distilled water is that in distilled water the amount of harmful contaminants is practically entirely removed.

Another benefit of drinking distilled water is that it enhances the flavor of many things that are mixed with it, such as coffee, juices, tea, etc.

By the way, Reverse Osmosis and Atmospheric water generators produce water that is virtually the same quality as distilled water and yet you don’t hear anyone say that Reverese Osmosis water is unhealthy… the reason is pure marketing, Distilled water is simply the water purification system to beat.

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