Lactose Intolerance Butter

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Yes, there is such a thing as Lactose free Butter also known as dairy free butter. It is called Ghee Butter (available on Amazon), which is made from grass fed cows and lactose has been removed. If you’re like most lactose intolerant people, even a small amount of butter can give you the uncomfortable symptoms that are well known in lactose intolerance, like feeling bloated, gas, and even diarrhea. These are the same symptoms you would experience when drinking milk or other dairy products.

Some types of foods are heavy on butter, like cookies, brownies,  mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese. These are known as dairy rich foods. We’ve heard stories of people eating lots of these butter-rich type of foods and get the really bad kind of symptoms associated with severe lactose intolerance, like acid reflux and in some cases, vomit and breaking in hives.

So Lactose Intolerance Butter, or better known as Lactose free Butter (or non dairy butter; even if it does come from milk), can be the answer many of us lactose intolerant people have been waiting for. Finally, being able to eat foods with this kind of butter, even simple foods, like bread with lactose free butter spread, is a Godsend relief to our stomachs… and butts.

While the bigger portion of lactose-free butter can be expensive the smaller sized servings of the Ghee Lactose free Butter (available on Amazon) are a little bit more affordable although still a little bit more expensive than the regular butter. But how much is Comfort and Freedom worth it to you? Once you start enjoying foods without having to run to the toilet you’ll see that butter for the lactose intolerant is worth every penny.

But let’s be realistic, almost everything has butter, and you don’t eat at home every day. Can you imagine being out on a date and having to uncomfortably hold you gas? Can you risk eating something away from home that, unbeknown to you, had regular butter (which has a ton of lactose) and now you’re going to have to run to some stranger’s toilet to take care of business? Can you really sit on a public toilet a few times during the day and not feel like running home and shower?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eat any food made with any kind and amount of regular, lactose rich, butter, and not worry about the symptoms that come with lactose intolerance?

Well, there’s a cure for lactose intolerance which over time it allows you eat virtually anything that has milk, dairy, and other lactose products without any of those nasty symptoms. Finally, freedom! No more embarrassing moments where you have to stop what you’re doing and go to the toilet.

And last word of warning, always consult your doctor before trying anything.