When to Use an Emergency Water Distiller

You may have heard of an emergency water distiller. The question is what one of these is. Really, it does everything that it says. It will purify your water through the distilling process and can be used in an emergency, without using electricity! So, when would you find an emergency water distiller useful?

While Out Camping

If you’re going camping, it could be worth taking a distiller with you. It won’t matter where you end up or the type of water source you have. You will be able to remove the impurities and enjoy fresh, pure water. These are great if you’re going on long camping trips, when you can’t take enough bottles of distilled water with you.

On Survival Expeditions

Another time to consider emergency water distillers is when you’re out on survival expeditions. You will usually need to drink from streams and even lakes. You have no idea what chemicals and harmful bacteria are in these. Having the distiller will mean you can quickly purify your water in a way that is very healthy for you.

When There Is No Electricity

Most distillers will require an electrical socket. This is great when you’re using it at home, until you get a power cut. There have been some areas hit with long power cuts lasting a few days. What would you do then? You would have to rely on the tap water. Is that something you really want?

An emergency distiller usually runs on heat, from a stove or fire. There is no need for an electrical supply, and you can still enjoy your pure water.

Can’t Clean Filters

A reverse osmosis system or filter system may be something you prefer to use. However, you will need to clean the filters with each use and it’s not easy to move around if you go on camping trips. This isn’t something that needs to happen with an emergency water distiller. There will also be fewer trace elements left behind, as they can get caught in filters.

Is an emergency water distiller worth your money? Think about getting pure water, no matter what your water source is like.