What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is regular tap water that has been purified through a process called “distillation.” This is a scientific process that involves separating the substances inside of water from the water itself. These substances could be toxics, dirt, waste, impurities and even minerals. The process can only be done by vaporizing the water and then collecting its condensation afterwards. You may think this is a new process, but people have known about this process for about 2000 years. Of course, the methods of creating distilled water have changed over the years. The most natural method actually comes from nature itself. Think about where rainwater comes from. Rain is formed when water evaporates into the air and then the air becomes precipitated under gravity to form droplets. These droplets are actually distilled water because the original water vapor does not contain any of the minerals or toxic elements that it originated from. So, if you are able to catch rain in a container then you will actually have distilled water. Of course, if you live in a polluted city then you have to take into account the toxic elements in the air that will hit the rain when it falls. For this, you can use an additional filtration process to take care of those elements. The end result will still be distilled water.

Distillation provides the most purified water out of any other purification method because it completely gets rid of all of the elements in the water. People like to drink purified water because it is a soft water that is easy to digest and does not weigh you down or make you feel bloated. Furthermore, it has helped numerous people lose weight and digest their foods better in their digestive system. Some people even like to use distilled water to wash themselves or their cars. When washing their cars, the softness of distilled water won’t create any water spots like with the regular tap water. As for human washing, people like to now shower with distilled water because they will reduce their chances of getting bacteria and impurities into the pores of their skin while they are washing. These things would usually cause acne, rashes or other skin irritations. Distilled shower water can be created with an automated distillation machine (a Water Distiller) that runs distilled water throughout all the pipes in your home. People are finally starting to rediscover the beauty of clean water, which will certainly help to promote better health and a longer life.