The Hot Topic of Cold Distilled Water

Many topics are considered “hot topics” and distilled water is certainly one of them. The usage of it – say for example – in household settings or for industrial purposes not so much.   It is in the drinking of distilled water where it becomes the aforementioned hot topic. We will be delving into the benefits derived from distilled water. Of course, in the interest of fairness we will also briefly touch upon the other side of the coin as well.

Face it, in many communities the tap water that comes out of our faucets, while undergoing any of a variety of treatments, is still not up to par according to many experts on the subject. While tap water for the most part is fine for things like watering the yard, cooking things and washing your clothes there are other instances where it is not advisable to use it. One perfect example is your good old steam iron. Tap water can spell a short lifespan for it.

A quick consultation of your steam iron’s user manual will in almost all instances tell you to use only distilled water in your iron to avoid calcium buildup and clogging of your spray system. And when one washes their dishes and utensils using nothing but tap water this will inevitably lead to stains or unsightly spotting. And your kettles or stove top coffee pots? Tap water will eventually cause scaling on the inside. If possible, it is always advised to use distilled water.

So how do you derive the benefits attributed to distilled water? Well, you can purchase a water distiller or other distilling equipment suitable for homes, as water distillers are very cheap when you compare to buying bottled water. This water can be used for both drinking and household use.

We earlier mentioned the usage of distilled water in your steam iron. The same goes for an aquarium if you happen to have one. Tap water can in many cases be harmful to your fish so it is always advisable to go the distilled water route; however, in fish tanks, you’re going to have to add minerals to your water, as fish need pure water that contains minerals. We hope this has served as a helpful explanation regarding the benefits of distilled water.