The Distilled Water Diet: Should You Follow It?

Did you know that the “distilled water diet” is now a thing? Well, it’s not quite a diet in itself, but the idea is that distilled water can help to speed up weight loss. It should be used instead of drinking tap water and other fluids. But is this something you should follow? Here are some facts to consider.

You Still Need Food

Many people berate distilled water because minerals are removed. It’s important with any diet to still get a healthy and balanced diet. This is also important with the distilled water diet. You need to create a calorie deficit, while focusing on healthy, filling foods.

Get your five a day, and make sure you have the right levels of calcium and unsaturated fats. Getting a balance of protein and carbohydrates is also important.

Negative Calories

Distilled water is a negative-calorie drink. That means it requires more calories to process and burn than it does to drink. While you would need to drink a few glasses to see a weight loss, it is better for you than drinking anything else, especially fruit juices and sugared drinks. Distilled water is also tastier, so you will want to drink more of it.

Health Benefits at the Same Time

Opting for distilled water in your diet will also offer health benefits, as well as weight loss. It removes the harmful chemicals and bacteria. The minerals that are bad for you are also removed, including salt. Your body remains hydrated for longer, and the water doesn’t leave residue behind. You will also find that you won’t suffer from as much water retention, which can help to reduce your weight.

Following the distilled water diet may not be the best thing if you just drink water on its own. However, it is worth adding distilled water into your current diet. It will help you lose weight, and also helps to improve your health due to getting pure water every day.