Purified Water vs. Distilled Water: Which Is Better?

Distilled water is just purified water, right? Well, while that is the gist of things, there are differences between the several processes of water purification. It’s important to understand these differences to know the better type of water for you.

Distilling Water

Distilling water is the process of boiling the water to the point of vaporizing it. The heat will Not vaporize all the other elements in water, so all you’re left with is pure water. That vapor is then passed into a condensing tube and cooled so it becomes a liquid again, and most distillers come with a carbon filter to remove even those chemicals that might have been evaporated. If you have extremely dirty water, it might take another attempt to really get pure water.

The other elements, like minerals and bacteria, are left in the original section of the equipment. They are then discarded and the equipment is ready to use again.

Other methods of Purifying Water

This really refers to how pure the water is; the quality of that water. It is not a set process, but can involve a variety of methods. Distilling water is one of them. However, some purified water is gained through ion exchange and reverse osmosis. The water will be 10 parts-per-million (PPM) or fewer, which means that all the extra elements are removed.

The different processes have their own pros and cons. It is important to find out how the water is purified before jumping straight for it. This will tell you whether all the other elements have been removed.

Normal Purified Water Can Still Have Chemicals and impurities

In some cases, the purified water may not have all the chemicals and impurities removed. The processes may not have been thorough enough. Distilling the water will make sure that all elements are removed. The water is only boiled to a point where only the water elements vaporize; some rare chemicals may evaporate too, that’s why most distillers also have a carbon filter for extra precaution.

Understanding the difference between the various processes will help you make a well-informed choice. Purified water is just the term for water without the chemicals etc. However, there are a few different options to get to that point, and distilling water is the best one of them.