Drinking Distilled Water Is Safe

There are many reports saying that drinking distilled water is not safe. Many complain that the process removes all the minerals that the body needs. While this is the case, it is also important to look at the benefits that distilling water offers. It is also important to assess the necessity of those minerals in water.

Minerals Come from Elsewhere

The body does need the minerals in the water, but those same minerals come from food. In fact, food is more important as the level of minerals and nutrients are much higher. The ones from tap water are simply just additional minerals that are not that necessary for your health.

There are no adverse health issues with drinking the distilled water. Many health professionals support this after considering all the facts.

Removing the Bacteria and Chemicals

In fact, drinking the water is one of the healthiest options for you. The process removes all the harmful chemicals and bacteria from the water. These can often lead to damage to the tissues and there are tests to see if they lead to various medical problems. By removing everything, you get pure water, which will offer the benefits of hydration without the harmful side effects.

Free of Sodium and Salts

While the good minerals are removed, a lot of the harmful minerals are also removed. This includes the likes of salts and sodium found in normal tap water. These leave a residue within the body, and cause other problems. It is safe to drink distilled water because the harmful minerals are not there. That means no residue being left behind.

It is time to make a switch to distilled water. It is safe for your body, and will actually offer a number of health benefits. While some of the good minerals are removed, these are gained from the food you eat. All the harmful minerals, chemicals and bacteria are removed from the water at the same time, making it safe to drink. And adding good minerals to distilled water is actually very easy! You can have the best of both worlds, pure water along with the best minerals.