Drinking Distilled Water Is Healthy

Many people want to know whether distilled water is healthy for them. A number of companies like to promote their own water that has not gone through the distilling process. This leads to them finding reasons to attack the distilling process, and people are always on the lookout for the healthiest option.

The truth is that drinking distilled water is very healthy. There are many benefits to only opting for this pure water.

It Removes Harmful Minerals

All the harmful minerals are removed from the water when it is distilled. This includes the sodium that is found in everyday tap water. These harmful minerals leave residue behind in the body, especially in the kidneys. They can cause issues, including kidney stones and other health ailments.

Drinking pure water means that the residue is no longer left behind. The body gets all the benefits from the hydration, and does not need to deal with the after effects.

No More Bacteria and Chemicals

Water is full of bacteria and chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking from the tap or drinking bottled water. Various processes leave some of the harmful chemicals and bacteria behind. They get into the body and can cause all sorts of problems; many of them still unknown.

That is not the case with distilled water. All the bacteria and chemicals are removed. You’re left with pure water that you can enjoy. You get all the benefits with none of the harmful side effects, making distilled water one of the healthiest options around.

Absorbs Directly Into the Blood

Distilled water is the only type that absorbs directly into the blood. This offers a number of health benefits, including limiting the amount of salts already in the blood stream from passing to your various organs. Your body is kept clean and clear to promote healthy living.

Distilled water really is the healthiest option for you. While some good minerals are removed, all the bad ones are also taken out. You will also drink water that is free from bacteria and chemicals, which are extremely dangerous to your health. And if you want good minerals in your water, you can always add minerals to your distilled water at the end of the distillation process!