Chlorine in Tap and Bottled Water, Not in Distilled Water

Chlorine is commonly found in swimming pools. It is used to clean the water, and is known for stinging the eyes. However, did you know that it can also be found in regular drinking water? This is especially the case for bottled or tap water. It is possible to enjoy pure water through the distilling process.

Chlorine in Tap and Bottled Water

Chemicals and bacteria are found in water that is not fully purified. Chlorine is one of those chemicals that is actually used as part of the purification process. It is usually trace, and to the point where you can’t really taste it. However, that does not mean it is not dangerous or will not cause health problems. This is why you need to focus on pure, healthy water to drink.

No Chlorine in Distilled Water

Distilled water is the best purified water. The chemicals like chlorine are removed. This happens through the process of boiling the water and turning it into a vapor and with the resulting water passing through a carbon filter. The temperatures are high enough to boil the water, but not to vaporize the other elements. The impure elements, and others found in water, will remain in solid or liquid form at the bottom, while the water becomes a gas.

The water is then sent through a cooling chamber to become a liquid again. The chemicals that are not removed by the first step of distillation (i.e. evaporation) are removed via the charcoal filter.

Why Remove the Chlorine?

You may think that the process of distilling water is too time consuming. Is it really that important to remove the trace elements of chlorine and other chemicals and impurities? The truth is you have no idea how much of these are actually found in your tap or bottled water. You also have no idea what else is in there. Plus, if you buy a water distiller, the process is simple and automatic.

Removing the chlorine will mean you get water that will not harm your body as a whole. The water will also taste better.

It is time to make a switch to distilled water. It is pure water, so you get a better taste and will find it is better for your health.