Using Distilled Water with Food Preparation

If you are familiar with cooking in the kitchen then you already know that water is an essential ingredient when preparing most foods. For example, when you boil spaghetti in a pot you have to use water. When you drink tea or coffee you have to use water as the base and then mix it with the grinds or leaves from the extract. Water is everywhere in the kitchen. What many people may not realize is that the type of water you use can actually affect the way your food will taste. A layman chef will use ordinary tap water most of the time by just turning on the sink. One could argue that the bacteria in the tap water will get cooked out from the extreme heat it will be under; however, there may still be impurities left in the water. Distilled water will be free of all impurities, bacteria, waste and anything else that could inhabit water… making the food taste better!

For all of you that care about eating foods that tastes good, you are in luck because distilled water can actually make the food taste better. When you boil vegetables, they will taste fresher while preserving more of their natural color. This also applies to when you can fruits and vegetables for later consumption. If the can is filled with distilled water then the food won’t spoil as fast and will preserve a lot longer. As for coffee and tea, the flavor will taste nearly as rich as the gourmet beverages you buy at Starbucks. Not only that, but you won’t even need as many coffee grounds or tea leaves to make your beverage when you use distilled water. Then when it comes time to clean your dishes and cups, washing them all with distilled water will make sure all the germs are washed away without adding anymore new ones, and you need less soap to wash dishes too.

When it comes to preparing a mixed alcoholic beverage, many people don’t realize that mixing a drink with distilled water won’t require as much alcohol to make it taste great. That means people will have less of a chance of getting drunk after a few mixed drinks. If you are planning a party with your friends or family, then using distilled water is a great idea. You can even make ice cubes out of distilled water, which will look crystal clear and shiny because of its pureness. As you can see, distilled water should be a necessity in the kitchen for any chef or homemaker.