The Future of Distilled Water

The pollution of the world seems to be a never ending problem. We have air pollution, land pollution and, of course, water pollution. These things are affecting people’s health in a negative way and it doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon. The only thing a person can really change is the type of water they drink. Fortunately, you can now find distilled water jugs and bottles being sold in local supermarkets in western society and in fact, you can make it yourself at home using a water distiller at a much cheaper rate than buying it at the local store. Of course, they are not always easy to find because of the plethora of regular purified water that has minerals in it. Only those educated in distilled water will know to look for it. Otherwise, you will end up picking any random brand of water off the shelf and stuffing it in your shopping cart.

People are going to have to find a better source of purified water in the future. Now you may be wondering, “What is wrong with the regular purified water that has minerals in it?” It is true that this water does not have impurities, but it still has minerals in it. These minerals are not always healthy for people if they have preexisting health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart problems. Since we live in an age where people eat unhealthy and are on lots of prescription medication, mineral water could actually be detrimental to these people’s health. The only solution is for people to start drinking more distilled water. They will already be getting their minerals from the foods they eat. Even though people don’t eat lots of fruits and vegetables directly, they are still getting them indirectly because they are used as ingredients in lots of other foods. For example, pasta sauce and salsa uses a plethora of vegetables for its ingredients. Sure you are getting spices and salts that are harmful to you, but you are also getting minerals from the vegetable ingredients as well. So, people aren’t ever going to have to worry about mineral deficiency in their diets any time soon.

The only thing stopping distilled water from becoming mainstream are the politics behind it. People keep spreading rumors about it being dangerous to our health so filter companies can keep on selling their filters, so the public immediately gets scared and backs away without doing any research into it themselves. If they did their own research they would find that distilled water is actually better for our health than the rumors suggest. But, the public gets scared easily and this fear is what usually prevents our society for excelling towards a brighter future. Eventually, people will see that distilled water is in that future.