Should Children Drink Distilled Water?

The myths about distilled water never seem to end. One myth is that distilled water is bad for children because they won’t be getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that their bodies need to grow properly. Since children are in the growing stages of their life, this is supposed to cause physical complications that will impair them forever. Of course, this is all just an untrue rumor because they will be getting their minerals and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables they eat. In fact, it is actually better to give children distilled water because they won’t be getting any of the toxins or impurities that are in regular tap water. Since their immune systems are not fully developed yet, they are more likely to get sick if they drink water that has impurities in it. By giving them distilled water, you are greatly reducing your child’s chances of getting sick with a flu or virus.

Some people may argue that denying kids the right to regular tap water will not allow their immune systems to get stronger and grow. Again, this is not true either because their immune systems get stronger every time they breathe the air outside or sit next to another kid who has a cold. What distilled water will do is allow their digestive tract to process food and allow their bodies to extract the vitamins and minerals from the foods properly. After all, if a person consumes too many minerals then it could actually have negative health effects on their body. They could have high blood pressure and even panic attacks. Kids that drink mineral water with mineral filled foods may have these problems. On the other hand, by balancing their diet with distilled water and mineral filled foods, their bodies are getting the proper formula of nourishment.

The problem with kids is they don’t generally like to drink any kind of water. They will likely say, “It doesn’t taste good,” which is an excuse even some adults use. If your kid won’t drink water, then at least prepare their foods using distilled water. That way they won’t get as many impurities in their spaghetti, vegetables or any other food you prepare for them with water. So as you can see, distilled water is not harmful to children or adults. As long as you give children natural healthy foods to eat, the distilled water will only benefit them more. You can always add minerals to distilled water if you wish to give them another source of minerals.