Is Distilled Water Better than Deionized Water?

When it comes to drinking water, you will always want to choose distilled water over deionized water. Distilled water is a purification process that kills almost all of the bacteria and viruses that may exist in the water. Deionization only removes the ions and minerals from the water, but not the viruses and bacteria. Obviously, you don’t want to drink water with viruses in it or you else will get very sick. Besides, you cannot buy deionized water in your general supermarket anyways and it’s hard to even make it at home. Deionized water can likely be found in a home improvement store because it is more of an accessory than a food product. Scientists like to use it as a cooling agent in their experiments, but most people just use it for washing things. So, there is no doubt that distilled water is the better choice when it comes to choosing your drinking water.

You may be thinking, “What is the point of having deionization if the water it produces is not good for our bodies?” Deionization is typically used in combination with other purification methods. For example, if you wanted to turn salt water from the ocean into drinkable clean water, then you would need to deionize the water in order to remove the salt from it. Then you would need to use another purification method, like distillation, in order to remove the rest of the impurities and bacteria. Therefore, deionization does have its uses in the world of purification, but it is not meant to stand alone for producing drinkable water. However, if you like to wash your car and are tired of water spots made from regular tap water then deionized water can help. Since deionized water is very light weight because of its lack of minerals, it won’t leave any spots on your car and will wash right off. This same concept can apply when washing other objects, especially those made out of glass because they would normally show spots the most. Deionized water would make them looking spotless. By the way, Since distilled water is pure, you can also use it to wash without leaving any spots.

In a nutshell, distilled water works best with people and objectes, while deionized water works best with objects only. If you try to bath in deionized water then you still have to consider the bacteria that could get into the pores of your skin. Just because you are not ingesting the water, it doesn’t mean it can’t still get inside of you. Therefore, distilled water is what you will want to use for drinking and bathing.