Distilled Water is Pure

These days it is so hard to find a food or beverage product that does not have some kind of added chemical or preservative to it. People who are cautious about their health and believe in consuming clean food and drinks will certainly stress out over this when they shop at their local supermarket. Healthy food might be hard to find, but the water choices are starting to get better. More supermarkets now are selling bottles of distilled water as an alternative choice to the purified and mineral water, although it is still cheaper for you to buy a water distiller to make pure water at home. Distilled water is a type of drinking water that is free of all chemical and impurities, which means you have virtually zero chance of getting sick from it.

Many people don’t know the difference between distilled water and the traditional purified water sold in stores. Some people don’t even understand the difference between faucet water and purified water. They just think water is water and that there is no difference. Well, if you are drinking water from your kitchen faucet then you are going to be getting all kinds of microorganisms and pipe residue in your water. As for purified bottled water, this water is a little bit cleaner because it goes through a filter and purification process. However, its purification process usually ends up killing only bacteria and pesticides, but not the minerals and organic impurities. In fact, some water companies have added minerals to their water because they claim it enhances the flavor, which is always an incentive for people to buy a food product. But, water with a lot of minerals in it has been known to cause negative cardiovascular health effects. In the end, distilled water is the only true purified water because it eliminates the minerals, pesticides, impurities and bacteria.

Distilled water is a purification process that has actually been around for almost 2000 years. But, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore where we have to burn our pots of water over a fire. We have the convenience of going just getting a water distiller and make distilled water right from the comfort of our home. We can even install distillation machines into our homes that will distill all of the running water, which will allow us to shower, bath and drink distilled water. The health benefits for the skin are just as important as the benefits for the body’s inner nutrition as well. Only truly purified water can give you all of this, which is why distilled water should be your number one choice for purification.