Distilled Water Growing in Popularity

Consumers have never been more health conscious than they are right now. In the old days, people didn’t really think about nutrition when it came to the foods they ate and the water they drank. The reason is because food and water used to be natural and clean on their own. We didn’t have all the pollution, contamination, pesticides and so forth that we do in the present. Consumers are starting to catch on that clean water is essential to have in every aspect of their lives, such as for drinking, preparing foods and even bathing. There have been a lot of mixed ideas about what kind of water is the cleanest and healthiest for people to consume. Often times, you will hear that filtered or purified water is the best choice and that distilled water is not as healthy because it destroys all the natural minerals in the water. What people don’t realize is that distillation is just one method for purifying water. There are lots of different purification methods out there, like reverse osmosis and deionization. However, distilled water is the best way to guarantee that all the bacteria and impurities of your water have been killed. The other two methods of purification do not offer you this same guarantee.

There are all kinds of gadgets on the market now that allow people to turn their ordinary tap water into distilled water. This means that people don’t have to do the traditional method of boiling the water in a pot and then condensing the steam into a container. However, most of the gadgets sold in stores are only filters that remove a small percentage of the impurities, but not all of them. If you don’t mind boiling your drinking water, then the traditional method of distillation should not be a problem. But, what do you do about bathing and showering? You could buy bottles of distilled water at the store, but it would take a lot of one gallon jugs to fill up a bathtub. This is why more people now are seeing the value of investing in an automatic water distiller machine for their homes. This is a machine that can pump out vast amounts of distiller water very quickly. It connects to the pipes of every faucet, bathtub and shower in your home, which means you can bathe in distilled water just by turning your water on like normal. The cost of the machine ranges from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on the size of the machine you get. Consumers realize that this is an investment in their health because it keeps impurities out of their skin and body.