Distilled Water for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have to be very careful about the foods and drinks they consume because their immune systems weaken in old age. This means bacteria and other toxins that may exist in their food or water could be potentially lethal. With the increasing risk of water pollution and impurities getting into the water, senior citizens have no choice but to drink distilled water to cure their thirst. The so called “purified water” with minerals can do more damage than good to a senior citizen. For one thing, many purified water brands now have sodium content in them and many are actually taken straight from tap water. Sodium can be harmful to an older person who already has high blood pressure problems. Also, if the person has heart problems then they will increase their chances of getting a heart attack. No one thinks that drinking water could result in a heart attack, but if you drink water with lots of minerals and sodium then it could happen.

People often criticize distilled water because they think it will magically extract minerals from their body. This is a myth and it will not happen. Older people have nothing to worry about by drinking distilled water. Since they are still eating fruits and vegetables, then they will already be getting their minerals and vitamins from these foods. If they are not eating these foods, then they better or else they will have other health problems down the road. There are no pills or magic formulas for leading a healthy lifestyle. It requires eating and drinking the right foods that will keep your body healthy. When you’re young it may not seem like a big deal because your body is strong, but when you are older you certainly have to watch everything you eat and drink with caution.

Most people, especially older people, complain that water doesn’t taste good. This is what mineral water companies have caught on to, which is why they are now advertising their water as having “flavor enhancing minerals” added to it. The sad thing is that minerals do not change positively the flavor of water. The water may feel a little denser when it is in your mouth, but the flavor will still taste not as good as distilled water. These are things that all people should realize; especially older people. We all like tasty things, but water should not be associated with taste. Distilled water tastes just as good as any other water, and it will keep minerals and impurities out of your body. For an older person in failing health, distilled water is the best option for this reason.