Distillation: Myths Exposed

When we shop for water at the supermarket we generally look for purified water that comes in a bottle. What exactly is purified water? To a layman person, it means that the water has been filtered and cleaned of all impurities. However, purified water still contains its vitamins and minerals that the body needs to survive. On the other hand, the distillation process completely wipes out everything from the water, including the minerals. This means the water does not contain anything in it at all. So, does this mean drinking distilled water is bad for you? A popular myth about distilled water is that it extracts the vitamins and minerals from your own body when you consume it. This is totally ridiculous and untrue. Distilled water cannot extract minerals from your body’s cells; however, it won’t give the cells minerals either. But, this does not mean the water is bad for you because it can still help your digestive system process foods. Besides, drinking water with too many minerals in it has been known to cause cardiovascular health problems in people. Many of the purified waters sold in stores have “flavoring enhancing” minerals added to the water that already had minerals in it to begin with. This means the water is oversaturated with minerals, which will likely cause you health problems. Distilled water is a soft type of water that will not negatively affect your health in any way.

You might be thinking, “Where do I get the minerals and vitamins for my body if not from the water I drink?” The simple answer to this is from natural foods, like fruits and vegetables. You should be eating these anyway if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis then you won’t need to get your vitamins and minerals from water. The only time you will need mineral water is if you are eating junk foods, like donuts and potato chips, on a regular basis. One of the main reasons why obese people have such severe health problems has to do with them not drinking any water or eating any natural foods. With that kind of lifestyle, the body is getting zero vitamins and minerals. Now you could compensate for the junk food by drinking the mineral water, but you have to take into account the negative health effects of the fats and sugars in those foods as well. Therefore, the best choice you can make is to drink distilled water and eat fruits and vegetables. This is the right combination that will help you live a long and healthy life.