You deserve the best quality water – Get a Water Distiller

Water distillers are the perfect way to get that. Water distillers get rid of all the bacteria, fluoride and chemicals that are found in normal tap water. They also improve the taste, so you can really enjoy your drinks.

If you’re not using our distillers, you’re not drinking pure water. Bottled water isn’t nearly as good. It is still full of chemicals that you can get rid of with the help of a simple water distiller!

Trying pouring bottled water into a water distiller and see what comes out. You’ll see impurities at the bottom of the distiller holding tank, nasty stuff that you were about to drink.

But doesn’t distilling water remove good minerals?

That is true, but the fact is that is not a problem. The minerals in water are not enough for your body. Your food offers all the minerals you need, so there’s no need to worry about removing it from the water. Plus, if you want minerals in your distilled water you can add them for less than a penny per glass!

Minerals are added to the water after the distillation process, and usually it comes in liquid or powdered form, just a few drops can add tons of minerals to your water… If you’re an athlete, drinking mineral rich distilled water is healthier than drinking a commercially available sugar infused high-carb drink.

Think about all the benefits!

By opting for distilling you also remove many harmful chemicals. Your water tastes better, and is so much better for you. You could actually lose weight because salts (sodium) are removed from the water. In fact, research has shown than drinking pure water before meals will accelerate your metabolism, which means you lose weight faster. A distilled water diet is a common way to lose weight fast.

Now is the time to look after your health, and enjoy your drinks and foods. There’s no need to spend a fortune on bottled water or expensive filters. A water distiller is all you need.