Why You should Use Distilled Water

Many people have argued over the years whether drinking distilled water or tap water is better for you. However, many people go into these arguments not knowing what the differences are. Distilled water is something that most people use in their irons or old car batteries, but there is much more to it than that.


How Distilled Water is Made

Distilled water is created by simply boiling water to the point of creating steam. It is this steam that is collected and then cooled down again to create fresh water. Through this method, impurities and contaminants are removed in order to create fresh tasting water. The impurities are left behind because they have a much higher boiling point than water, and so won’t evaporate with the vapor. It’s a healthy and safe method of creating fresh, drinking water at the fraction of the cost of the equipment that is used to create bottled water. The process can even be used to create fresh drinking water from salty ocean water, leaving the salt behind, along with other potential contaminants.


Health Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

If you have a water distiller, then you may already be aware of the health benefits that may arise from drinking distilled water. Drinking water alone is a regular practice to have as it keeps the body hydrated and helps to regulate the normal functions of the organs. However, contaminated water can introduce chemicals to the water than can make you sick and affect your organs as well. With distilled water, none of those chemicals or pollutants is present, providing you with the cleanest drinking water possible. Having a distilled water diet included with your regular diet will improve energy levels and keep you at your brightest.


The Many Uses of Distilled Water

Other than drinking distilled water has been used in steam irons for pressing clothing, as it is free of any minerals that could ruin the iron after extended use. This means that you can have professionally-pressed looking clothes for much longer by using distilled water.

Distilled water has also been used to top off the lead acid in a car battery. This prevents ions from interfering with the normal function of the battery and altering the normal charge to the vehicle that a car battery provides.

When it comes to cleaning, distilled water is the best thing to use on computer monitors and flat screen televisions, as they won’t leave a residue behind and won’t affect the quality of your picture. This is much different from using tap water as it typically leaves a white residue behind.

Finally, distilled water can be used as an excellent preserver for storing vegetables and fruits. Because the water is free of any contaminants and minerals, these vegetables and fruits in distilled water tends to last longer, retain their color and flavor.