Why You Should Know about Distilled Water

Everyone wants to be safe and free from toxic substances that might be present in the water that they drink. But not all water purification substances can remove heavy metals and toxins from the water that they process. But the distillation process of water becomes a viable option that makes the water you drink free from unwanted substances. And a water distiller removes all contaminants, toxins, and heavy metal ions from it.


How Does Distillation Work?

Distillation is one of the simplest and most effective purification processes that could even be performed at home. Water is being boiled until steam becomes present. The steam that turns back into a liquid state through condensation process, which naturally happens, is collected and becomes the distilled water that you drink. Increasing the temperature that makes the water boil kills microorganisms present in the water. And as the temperature further increases to the boiling point of water, unwanted materials, minerals, heavy metals, and other contaminants are left behind as residue from where the water is boiled. Only the steam is used, and the rest is being discarded. Water is being removed from the system, and everything is left behind which is a very effective purification process.


You Don’t Need Water Tests

Many homeowners have their water tested prior to drinking it for the first time. This is important to keep everyone in the family safe and healthy. But if you have a good water distiller system, there is no need for water tests because everything is removed from the tap water passing through the distiller. It is the only process capable of isolating all microorganisms and other substances perfectly while collecting the pure water at the same time.


Near Neutral pH

Distilled water, like other waters present, are naturally acidic. This occurs upon exposure to the environment because the carbon dioxide gases interact with the water molecules forming carbonic acid, which is very lightly acidic due to dilution. This makes the water             have a pH value in the range of 6 which is still good and acceptable by the body. Drinking distilled water will not affect any of your body’s processes because of its acidity that is being counter-blocked by the acidity of the stomach. Just think about your habit of drinking soda or lemonade, which is about pH 2.5 to 3.5 which is very acidic and bad, and also vinegar with pH 4. Why would you complain about distilled water being acidic? Humans today drink and eat far more acidic foods than that water.

Overall, drinking distilled water is very good for any person. Even babies are recommended to drink only distilled water because they are very prone to attacks of microorganisms. You need to have a proper water distiller to produce your own water. And if you are planning to go on a diet, try the distilled water diet because it works.