Reasons Why You Should be Drinking Distilled Water

Water in its purest form is what is referred to as distilled water. It contains no toxins or any traces of impurities. It simply contains nothing, it’s so pure and clean. Nature has a way of providing us with distilled natural water in the form of rain. But with pollution in the air, the rains are now loaded with a plethora of toxins and impurities. You can however employ the use of a water distiller and get distilled drinking water that is pure and healthy to drink. Here is how the distiller works.

It actually works the same way as nature. The steam distilled water machine initially boils the water added to it, in turn destroying all the parasites and bacteria in the water. The steam that rises above the boiler is what is known as distilled water. Impurities are all left behind. Nature does the same: The sun heats the oceans; vapor rises to form clouds, and then all impurities and salts are left behind. Drinking distilled water has numerous health benefits to your body.


Why Distilled Water is Healthy for Your Body

The human body is approximately 60% to 70% water. So by drinking distilled water you are basically replenishing and hydrating your entire body. In fact, you are essentially flushing out built-up inorganic minerals from your organs and joints as the distilled water travels through your body absorbing them. Drinking water that has been distilled keeps your body energized, healthier, and feeling lighter. You are even more likely to be healthier by losing weight by following a distilled water diet.

Other advantages of drinking distilled water include, improving immune functions, generating cellular energy, regulating body temperature, cushioning and lubricating joints, transporting and increasing nutrient absorption, removing toxins and waste products, improving oxygen delivery, aiding in proper digestion and alleviating asthma, allergies, and arthritis symptoms. Distilled water also relieves dizzy spells, headaches, reduces depression, anxiety and stress, etc.


Why Your Body Cries Out For Water

The more you go to the bathroom, the more you lose water from your body. That water must be replaced, so as to have a healthier balanced body. Same case when you lose your body’s water through perspiration. The 70% amount of water in your body is essential as it also helps in the digesting of food in the body. If your digestive system lacks water, constipation is very likely to occur. You certainly are aware of the discomforts that are associated with constipating.

But not all water is good water for your body. Distilled water, for instance, is beneficial water since it utterly promotes weight loss, improves skin appearance, sharpens mental performance, heightens energy levels in the body, and it is almost 100% free of impurities. But the same cannot be said of the bottled water and filtered tap water – that may not free of harmful impurities.