Reasons to Quench your Thirst with Distilled Water

Are you feeling thirsty or dehydrated? Of course, the first thing you are going to do is to drink a glass of water if you are truly thirsty. However, do not just drink any water. Instead, choose one that will be able to provide you with the hydration you need and the nutrients to nourish the body, which brings us to the importance of distilled water. With its superior taste and smell, you will surely have a good reason to drink it and forget other types of water. Through the process of distillation, the water is purified to pure water to make it exceedingly fit for consumption. In the rest of this article, you will know some of the reasons why a distilled water diet will be beneficial for you in ways more than one.


This Type of Water Contains no Additives

Some types of water contain additives and chemicals as a way of adding flavor or for being able to have it sanitized. However, in the case of distilled water, the water is at its purest form, and there are no additives used. Calcium is one of the most popular types of additives used in water. While calcium is good for the health, too much of such can lead into the formation of kidney stones. Fortunately, when water is distilled, there is no need to be worried as it does not contain calcium or any other types of chemicals, which may potentially endanger your health.


It Helps the Body to Get Rid of Toxins

Are you under a detox diet program to help the body flush the toxins with negative impacts on your health? If yes, you should instead consider drinking distilled water as it is believed to be effective when it comes to having the body cleansed from toxins. According to several studies in the past, this kind of water acts like a magnet in the body, which works by attracting excess minerals and contaminants in the body, such as those excreted by the cells, and having them flushed out of your system.


There is no Chlorine

Being chlorine-free should give you another good reason to consider distilled water. Chlorine, which is often present in water, is a chemical known for being able to trigger the growth of bacteria. Based on traditional practice, it is used in order to disinfect water, but the process can be reversed, causing more harm than good to those who will be able to drink it. The mere fact that chlorine is used in detergents and home cleaning products should already make you scared of it. When someone is exposed to chlorine in excessive quantity, the effects can be fatal. Fortunately, you will not be at risk when drinking distilled water because if you use a Water Distiller with a charcoal filter.