Many of the Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

Drinking water is a necessity in not only maintaining normal body functionality but also to maintain good health. The body is 70% water and hence requires a lot of hydration to maintain this level of water considering water loss processes such as going to the bathroom as well as perspiration. It is recommended that a healthy individual should maintain water intake at about nine to twelve glasses per day. The question, therefore, is not how much water you should drink but rather which type of water. Available variations include tap water, distilled water and bottled water.

Tap water contains a variety of natural salts as well as chlorine used in killing germs; tap water also is not purified against many chemicals. The consumption of tap water may at times lead to consumption of some unhealthy inorganic substances which cannot be broken down by the body and hence end up being deposited around the body including joints. Bottled water, being an unregulated industry makes it difficult to ascertain exactly what is contained in the water. But most producers only take tap water and bottle it, stating that it is mineral water is a vague representation. Distilled water, on the other hand, is completely different from both tap and bottled mineral water.


What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is produced by boiling water and subsequently distilling the steam back to a liquid state. As water evaporates it leaves behind all minerals and salts leaving it to condense as a pure liquid. Due to the lack of salts in the water it generally has a bland taste at first, but as people drink more and more, the pure water taste is more appreciated.

To produce distilled water, an electronic machine referred to as water distiller is used. Once the machine is plugged in, it only takes a few moments to produce the water ready for drinking. A charcoal filter is used to filter out any impurities before and after the purification process.


Some Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

Since distilled water contains no salts, whether natural or otherwise, it is suited to detox unwanted salts from the body. Inorganic salts are normally absorbed into the body but cannot be broken down; they are, therefore, deposited all over the body. Distilled water has the ability of detoxing out these inorganic salts and minerals from the body.

Distilled water is recommended by some health practitioners for its detoxifying properties. A distilled water diet for a few weeks can be used to clear the body of most toxins and hence leave the dieter feeling better and healthier. A distilled water diet can also be prescribed for dieters who want to lose weight for healthy living.

Distilled water comes with some essential health benefits that have made it popular over the years.