Is Your Water Killing You? The Truth about Drinking Distilled Water

Why do we keep using distilled water in our homes and offices? Many of American households use some form of water distillation system, and they have used this for decades. Is drinking distilled water really hazardous to health? What are other options for a safe water supply?

The answer is simple. Assess your general health condition first. Are you suffering from conditions that can make you retain decreased bodily PH such as Diabetic Ketoacidosis? Are you suffering from gastric ulcers or other gastrointestinal condition that increases the natural production of acid in your stomach? Are you taking any medications that block the production of stomach acids? If yes, then make sure to add minerals to your distilled water. The PH of standing distilled water is 6, and the PH of vinegar is 4 which make it 100 times more acidic than distilled water. If you don’t have any of the above-mentioned health problems, then drinking distilled water without minerals is extremely safe and healthy for you.

Does Distilled Water Flush out Important Minerals from My Body?

The assertion that drinking distilled water causes our body to flush out important minerals is made because of the fact that distilled water doesn’t have any mineral of its own. Our body has a natural mechanism to regulate the excretion and secretion of minerals and electrolytes. This function is primarily exerted by the kidneys. Maintaining electrolyte balance is crucial to prevent health consequences. It is, therefore, important to evaluate your renal function to assess any alteration that may lead to imbalanced excretion of metabolites and electrolytes. If you have or want healthy functioning kidneys then drinking distilled water is a good option.


What are other Options for Safe Water Supply?

The safest option that we have is still distilled water. A Distillation system that utilizes volatile organic compounds charcoal filter and preheating phase is recommended because it increases the effectiveness of the distillation system. Always consider your health status when choosing your water supply.