Is Drinking Distilled Water OK Your Health? Yes, It’s very healthy for you!

Over the years there has been a raging debate on the difference between distilled water and normal water that has not undergone distillation for purification. With arguments from both sides supporting their own theories, it is important to consider some of the health effects which opponents of the debate on health benefits of purified water advance. By looking at the negative effects advanced by those arguing against the health benefits of distilled water, we can be able to get a clearer picture of the effects of consuming this purified water. Below we will look at some of the wrong arguments on negative health effects of distilled water.


Supposed Myth: Negative Health Effects of Drinking Distilled Water

Distilled water obtained from a water distiller is free of all minerals including both organic and inorganic salts. The distillation process is used to remove all minerals and salts in normal tap or well water providing pure water. This pure water is said to have detoxifying properties that help clear inorganic salts that cannot be broken down and used up by the body. The truth is, Distilled water is pure, coming from nature. If you don’t have distilled water then chances are your current water is not as pure as you think; plus, for those who really want to have their minerals back in water, minerals can be added very easily and cheaply to distilled water.

Those advocating drinking distilled water highlight some of the negative health effects of drinking tap water as high level of calcium and unknown chemicals, which can cause kidney stones and other diseases. They argue that drinking distilled water can absorb and clear excess calcium from the body and hence minimize the risk of developing kidney stones. There’s also the obvious argument that distilled water is pure water and therefore you are free from contaminants that can clearly damage your body.


Replenishing Lost Minerals

With the mineral-depleting effects of distilled water in mind, it is recommended that if you are going to consume it, look for alternative sources of minerals. By increasing the level of minerals that you should be getting from drinking water that contains minerals, you can be able to balance out the minerals in the body and hence avoid any negative health effects of mineral depletion characterized by a distilled water diet (fasting). It is important, however, to understand that minerals come mainly from foods, and those people really concerned about having minerals at levels higher than normal (such as athletes) can look to add minerals to their distilled water.