Is a Distilled Water Diet Effective ?

People who undergo diet routines are very careful of what they eat and drink. A simple meal can ruin their diet and goal. Aside from healthy foods, drinking the necessary liquid should be monitored because it effectively hydrates the body that is needed during workout and exercise. Besides anti-oxidant juices, laxative drinks and zero-sugar liquids, distilled water is among the top liquids used for weight loss.


What Does Distilled Water Contain?

First of all, distilled water doesn’t contain anything because it is purely H2O without any contaminants. Moreover, it has zero calories, zero sugars, and zero salts, which are good for your diet. You could need to drink gallons of it and never gain weight (in fact, if you drink/eat nothing but water you would lose weight!). It is better than most high-calorie and zero-calorie drinks available in the market, who are packed with carbs and sugars. You don’t need these minerals from the water that you drink because you should be getting almost all of them from the food that you eat.


Flushes Away Toxins and Hydrates Fast

Distilled water enters the body system faster more than other types of liquids. It helps flush away excess toxins from the body that hinders in weight loss and sometimes causes an unbalanced system.

It effectively keeps the person hydrated, and it is removed from the body quickly as compared to other water types. And this makes the person feel the urge to urinate more frequently than usual. But doctors would say that frequent urination is good as long as the urine is in good condition. Drinking distilled water would make your urine be crystal clear, a sign of good kidney function.

Moreover, water is not stocked in the body longer because there is no minerals present in it that the body would still need to extract. A water distiller removes all toxins, Contaminants, and metals from the water that you drink.


Good to Drink Before and In Between Meals

Diet experts highly recommend that you should drink distilled water before you start your meal. The zero-calorie intakes help your control of what you eat and how much you eat during meals. Moreover, drinking distilled water should also be done in between meals like snacks because it is proven to have an impact in the monthly weight loss results of an individual.

Even body builders prefer drinking distilled water because it helps them burn the needed calories and proteins that help build muscle’s mass and burns excess fat.


How to Make Drinking Water an Effective Diet?

Drinking distilled water can provide big diet effects. Since doing a water-only diet (fasting) is very difficult to follow, you should also follow up with an actual diet plan. Healthy eating and proper exercise are the primary diet routines that effectively burn excess. Water is known as one of the reasons why body processes occur smoothly, drinking enough water makes everything go perfectly.

For the question, “Is distilled water diet effective?” Yes, it is.