How safe Is Drinking Distilled Water?

Before diving into the safety issues with distilled water, let’s give you some overview of it first. It’s the top of the line when it comes to purified water from which harmful materials or minerals are removed before use. They have variations as they differ in boiling points, number, or types of minerals removed, etc. The water is condensed before being ready to be consumed.

The first question that would come up about drinking distilled water is that who can use this water? In fact, anyone can drink this water as it’s pure and good for health. Although many important minerals are absent from this water as removed during the purification. As it concerns safety, the water distiller used for purifying water can be contaminated which makes the water unsafe. Sometimes, even the containers make this water impure although the purifier is safe.

Distilled water diet is helpful and safe if you want to improve your fitness to a certain level. It is said to be an accelerator for the healing and building mechanism of out body. It is also known to be as a optimal food source because it helps to reduce calories by adding no extra calories and burning some. Again, there is no safety issue that may concern you when you are taking healthy measures for your fitness as several studies confirm.

Some health specialists identify distilled water as not only safe but also helpful benefits in the remedies of Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, and Heart diseases. Many studies find that this water relieves from headache pains, soften the skin, and flush out the lymph, which carries harmful toxins out of the body.


The concern with distilled water starts with some very old incomplete studies that claim that this water might reduce one’s lifetime as it contains little or no minerals at all. Some identify it as potentially dangerous because our bodies need the regular water quite often to maintain a balance, which, as they say, is disturbed by the extensive use of distilled water. People who fast for longer than 7 days might sometimes fall in health danger if they continue drinking distilled water because they might lose electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium, which keep the heart pressure as low as required. This problem can easily be solved by adding minerals to your distilled water.