Distilled Water Helps Your body and Lose Weight: Fitness and Diet

Many people are aware that most bodybuilders and fitness models drink distilled water during workouts or almost anything that they do. What is in distilled water that makes it a good companion for bodybuilders? Does distilled water actually make me lose weight? What are other benefits of drinking distilled water? Here are the highlights of numerous health advantages that you can gain from drinking distilled water.

Many body builder and fitness enthusiasts are on a distilled water diet because of its associated weight loss function by flushing out toxins. Testimonials are emerging regarding the role distilled water plays in maintaining weight loss by flushing.


Health Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

Compared to tap water and commercially filtered water, our body absorbs distilled water more readily. As soon as distilled water enters our system, it flushes out toxins and organic compounds out of our body faster compared with other forms of water. This causes us to urinate more frequently and is actually healthy because of the amount of toxins and contaminants it can flush out. Distilled water also helps to prevent water retention that can contribute to edema. Tap water contains high levels of potassium and sodium that are not recommended for people who have kidney and cardiovascular problems (Tap water also has other contaminants!). Because distilled water is free from pollutants, it is relatively safe to drink. Most minerals and vitamins are taken from the diet and not from our water sources, so this refutes the controversy that drinking distilled water can cause vitamins and mineral deprivation.


Bodybuilding and Distilled Water

Bodybuilder adheres strictly to high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Because they consume less carbohydrate, protein is utilized by the body and is broken down, resulting in the production of protein byproducts that can damage kidneys. A distilled water diet is believed to flush out these harmful byproducts preventing damage to the kidneys. Distilled water cannot make you grow muscles. The muscle’s growth is attributed to the amount of amino acids in the body, which is the building block of proteins.


What is the Recommended Amount of Distilled Water?

For a healthy person, it is still recommended to drink nine to twelve glasses of water per day. If you are an athlete, you usually use a simple calculation method, which involves multiplying the body weight in pounds by 0.55 to determine your water requirement daily. Because muscles are composed primarily of water compared to fat, which only contains 20% of water, bodybuilders are recommended to drink enough water every single day.


Will Drinking Distilled Water helps me to Lose Weight?

A study emerged that drinking distilled water early upon awakening in the morning and before each meal, can help you lose weight. These claims are related primarily to the role of distilled water in flushing out toxins and the obvious reason that distilled water fills out your stomach but has zero calories and zero contaminants. These toxins impede normal body processes that can make weight loss difficult, thus drinking distilled water facilitates weight loss. It is also known that distilled water speeds up your metabolism for up to 40 minutes after drinking your first glass, which contributes to loosing weight.