Debunking Myths about Drinking Distilled Water

Water is one of the essentials for human survival. Nonetheless, this does not mean drinking just any water as some of them may be filled with contaminants and can endanger your health. In this case, your best bet is most probably distilled water, which is known for a wide array of benefits. With this, you might want to consider investing in a water distiller at home to treat the water you are drinking. In spite of claims with regards to the benefits of distilled water diet, however, there are still many myths about drinking such kind of water, including those mentioned in the rest of this article.


Myth 1: The Process of Distillation takes Out Minerals in Water

Yes, it is true that the distillation will remove the minerals in water, which will fall under the category of inorganic contaminants. In reality, while it removes minerals from water, these minerals are not beneficial in any way for the body. According to experts, the minerals our body needs do not come from water, but are sourced from the food we consume. In addition, the process of distillation does not only take out the inorganic minerals, but also effectively kills the bacteria, heavy metals, and particulates, which contributes to the many benefits of drinking distilled water. Do not believe claims made by companies trying to sell filters saying they will separate bad minerals from the good ones. Plus, you can always add minerals to distilled water for cheap.


Cooking in Distilled Water Removes Nutrients in Food

This is another myth worth clearing as there is absolutely no truth to it. Keep in mind that cooking itself is already the reason behind the loss of nutrients in food and water is nowhere to be blamed for such. This is the reason why steaming is recommended in order to retain the nutritional contents of whatever you are cooking. If you cook with the use of pure distilled water, contamination will be less and your food will taste a lot better! Remember, as pointed out, it is the process responsible for extracting nutrients and not the water you are using.


This Kind of Water can Weaken the Teeth

This is another lie invented by people who are trying hard to sell their water filters. While it is indeed true that the use water distiller will lead into a loss of fluoride, the good news is the toothpaste is rich in fluoride, and hence, supplementing your need from such. Too much fluoride is bad for your teeth and will be the reason for the weakening of the enamel and the discoloration of the teeth, which should never be blamed on the process of distillation. Drinking distilled water will never be bad for your oral health but will indeed be helpful through making sure you not have excessive intake of fluoride.