Drinking Distilled Water has several Health Benefits

Drinking Distilled water has several health benefits. More importantly, in increase in distilled water intake provides further benefits.


Some of the Common health benefits gained by drinking distilled water are:


  1. Drinking Distilled Water helps you lose weight: In fact, if you drink two glasses of cold water 30 minutes before a meal your metabolism accelerates. You have two things working out for you. First, your metabolism is faster so it burns the calories a lot faster, and second, because you get filled up with water, you will not eat a lot of the calories that you would have consumed if your stomach was empty.


  1. Drinking Distilled water decreases kidney stones: Pure water acts as a cleanser that relieves the likelihood of having kidney stones. If you drink pure water you’ll see that your urine is clear, this is a sign that your kidneys are working properly and that the distilled water is pure water.


  1. Drinking Distilled water helps reduce constipation: While constipation can be primarily treated by consumption of fiber, drinking pure water also helps. You can also combine the best of both worlds. If you Distill Water you can also add fiber powder to your water which gives your both the Fiber and Hydration that you need.


  1. Because Distilled water is used to detox, drinking it cleanses the body. The first thing you’ll notice is your skin feels hydrated and clean. For those having acne problems, drinking distilled water in conjunction with other products may help relieve the symptoms of Acne.


  1. Bladder and colon cancer may be avoided. Studies are not conclusive, and studies provide conflicting data. One may err in the side of prudence by drinking distilled water, just in case.


Distilled water is easy to make via the use of a water distiller.


These are just some of the health benefits of drinking distilled water. For more detailed information please visit the pages of our website.