Is your water as PURE as it could possibly be?

How pure is your water? People have a misconception that that their tap water, bottled water or even home filtration systems is “pure”. This couldn’t be any farther from the actual truth.  Typically, bottled water is usually just ordinary water from the tap that has been at best minimally filtered in order to get rid of the bad taste and odors. And home filtered water and reverse osmosis contain microscopic contaminants that make it through the filtering process. Filters also become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria they get overlooked for regular cleaning or become clogged. When this happens, you water can be contaminated with even more dangerous properties than before!

The Distillation process is the only single-stage approach that produces the PUREST drinking water possible in the world. Natures way of purifying water is through earth’s water cycle – or The hydrologic cycle. Similarly, the distillation process, produces “rain in a chamber” as regular tap water is vaporized into uncontaminated steam before its condensed back to it’s original pure liquid state. This process leaves behind all dangerous waterborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and heavy metals and other pollutant.  The result is pure water as fresh as the rain, just as nature intended.

So why is it so important to get the purest drinking water? The human body made up approximately 70% water. When we drink water that contains impurities, the body acts as a filter, trapping the pollutants and other toxins that are swimming in the water. The build up of harmful toxins in the body can cause disease and premature death. Distilled water is the purest you can come by. You wouldn’t put dirty oil into your car, so why would you allow impure water to hydrate your body.