Is Distilled Water Good For You?

We are targeted through a saturated market to buy water that is deionized, distilled, flavored, filtered, celebrity endorsed or vitamin/sports infused. Companies are constantly telling the one process is always better than the other for the purpose of promoting their own water purification equipment. So who should we be listening to?

Contrary to popular belief, distilled water is the purest water of all water purification systems because of the lack of contaminants. So why do we hear so often that Distilled Water is unsafe to Drink? The answer is simple. Reverse Osmosis units and Atmospheric water generators cost much more than water distillers, so the so sales and commissions are much more beneficial than trying to sell Water distillers.  The most common problem with drinking tap water is that the there are often times chemicals used as part of the water treatment process.  Even some water bottle companies cannot claim their water is pure of chlorine and impurities. Estimates from the Government reveal 40% of bottled water comes straight from tap water.

There a number of health benefits associated with drinking distilled water.  The process is very clean and it also It enhances the taste of liquids such as coffee, juices and tea. The amount of harmful impurities is almost entirely removed, rendering the water almost 100% pure. It also advocates healthy kidney function by allowing the body to naturally filter out pollutants already in the body.  For less than a penny a glass -or 15 cents a gallon, this is the most cost-effective and versatile process you can come by for pure water.

So don’t believe everything you are told. Reverse Osmosis and Atmospheric water is essentially the same quality as distilled water. The only reason you don’t hear lies that Reverse Osmosis water is unhealthy is simple… pure marketing.