Is Distilled Water Better For Me?

We need to stay hydrated with pure water in order to retain our physical and mental health. Our tissues’ cells need to be hydrated in order to function properly. Across the Unites States, we are starting to see the results of increased cancer rates and obesity. Most people are becoming more aware of the health risks associated with chemicals and toxins they consume either directly or indirectly. So what is the healthiest way to stay hydrated?

Tap water contains contaminants and toxins that are poisonous to liver and kidneys that can impede your body’s cell functions.  In Fact, The Environmental Protection Agency reported in 2007, that corroded pipes in many U.S. cities were severely compromising the quality of water in those communities. Using distilled water takes away all the impurities and chemicals like chlorine, carbon and aluminum sulfate that are added to adjust the pH levels or eliminate cloudiness. The two most common chemicals that are found in both tap water and bottled water are chlorine and fluoride. One more benefit of distilled water is that it does not contain any of these chemicals.  The process of Distilling water can prevent intoxication and reduce the risk of illnesses by removing impurities from the water.

Distilled water also assists the detox process. Some people have tried to say that distilled water can suck up necessary minerals and nutrients like a sponge. In reality, this is one of the benefits of distilled water. Although it can’t actually suck up minerals that your body needs, it actually acts as magnet to all the excess minerals waste that has been excreted by your cells.

When asking yourself which type of water is best for you, Its easy to compare the quality water that every popular water treatment system on the market produces. But the benefits of distilled water exceed even the most expensive processes out there.