Distilled Water drinking great for Emergencies

Often,  the Earth is referred to as as the “Blue Planet,” because of the abundant amount of water that that covers 70% of the planet’s surface. Ninety-seven percent of the earth’s water is the ocean itself, but all that water is not available for human consumption because of its high salt content. That leaves only a small four percent for fresh water, but two-thirds of that is locked in glaciers and polar ice.

When there is a natural disaster or emergency, these resources may be non existent. With recent hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters have taught us a valuable lesson: Water can be all around, but it may not be safe enough to drink. Our cities water treatment facilities are not protected. Both American Red Cross and FEMA recommend the same process used water distillation to remove microorganisms that resist other methods of water treatment. This process leaves behind impurities as well as heavy metals, salts, and most other chemicals. Water distillers are versatile and portable making them vital in an emergency. You will single handedly increase the chances of survival for you and your family in an emergency situation when you have access to clean water.

Pure water is you lifeline and keeping a distiller around for emergencies can literally save your life. When disaster hits, you’ll be SAFE and prepared with a supply of pure drinking water to drink and the ability to make as much as you need. Every household should have a unit, if only for emergencies.