What Makes Distilled Water So Healthy?

Distilled water offers many health benefits. It helps the kidneys to function properly and removes toxins from the whole body. It also tastes nicer. But what makes distilled water so healthy? Why is it considered better than any other type of water available?


Removes the Impurities Found in Water


Tap Water isn’t pure. There are chemicals, contaminants and other impurities in it. This can be due to the manufacturing process or the type of material the water runs over to get to the taps. When it is distilled, the majority of those impurities are removed. The water is evaporated and then condensed, but the impurities don’t get through the filtering system and many don’t even evaporate at the same temperature as the water.


While distilled water will never guarantee to be 100% pure, it is 99.9% pure if using a commercially available water distiller. There are fewer risks of the contaminants interacting with toxins already in the body and causing kidney stones.


No Chemicals from Materials


Bottled water isn’t just full of contaminants in the water; it has chemicals from the plastic bottles. Tap water doesn’t have this but then you are hoping that your taps are fully cleaned on the inside and the piping doesn’t have various chemicals that are bad for the body. When it comes to materials, you can never be so certain.


You can with distilled water. The process that removes the chemicals from the water removes those that are added due to the materials. It isn’t bottled (unless you choose to do that), so you don’t need to worry about the plastic chemicals either. If you choose to bottle it to drink it on the go, you can find items that are designed for pure water to keep the freshness and purity.


How Does Water Become Pure?


There are two methods for that make water pure. The first  and best method is distillation , by evaporating and then condensing the water. The steam goes into a separate jar where it is cooled and turned back into water.


The second process is reverse osmosis. This is where the water is pushed through a fine membrane at a very high pressure. The chemicals catch the membrane and cannot pass through, leaving the pure water on the other side. Not as pure as Distilled water but a good second choice.


However it happens, it is important to know that distilled water is good for you. It offers many health benefits worth investing in.