Should You Make Your Own Distilled Water?

You may have heard all about the health benefits of distilled water. That’s great but how do you make the most of those benefits? It is possible to make your own but is that really worthwhile? There are machines that do it for you. Here are pros and cons of making your own distilled water.


You Know Where the Water Comes From


You know exactly where you have gotten the water from.  This can limit the amount of chemicals already in it, so you limit the amount of stages that you have to go through. Of course, if you bought a countertop water distiller, you would still know where the water came from. This isn’t the only positive to focus on.


It Is Cheaper to Make Your Own


There is no need to buy special equipment if you have time to waste. Distilling water is possible with utensils that you likely already have in the house. You simply need a pressure cooker and set up a system to collect the steam and turn it into water.


It Takes Up Time


You will need to make a large batch at once to be worth your time. It can take hours to make up one lot of distilled water. It isn’t easy either, so you need to take the time to learn how to do it. Opting for a distiller that sits on your countertop may be slightly more expensive but it is easier to use and takes up less of your valuable time.


You Use Up a Lot of Space


You will need a lot of kitchen space to make your own water. This may not be a problem if you have a large workspace but this isn’t possibly for many. The countertop options take up very little room. There is no need to leave a large contraption set up on your stove, which gets in the way when you are trying to cook.


Should you make your own distilled water? There is nothing wrong with doing this, if you have the time and space. However, it may be best to invest in an appliance – a water distiller –  that does it all for you.