Is It Really Safe to Drink Distilled Water?

You may hear all the time about how much bottled water is for you, especially compared to tap water. The truth is water that has been distilled is much better. Remember that the manufacturers of bottled water want you to spend money on them so they leave out some of these important factors in their advertisements.


What Exactly Is Distilled Water?


Distilled water simply recycles water. It is similar to the water cycle, which takes water from lakes and oceans, which is evaporated and then turned back into a liquid. In short, it works the same way that the rain works. But would you really want to drink rain water? When water goes through the distillery process, the impurities are removed. The chemicals and contaminants are no longer there so it is pure water that you are drinking.


In short, it is the safest water that you can drink. It is the way that nature intended you to drink it.


Improve the Function of Your Kidneys


Bottled water doesn’t offer these health benefits. The manufacturers may want you to believe that it is safe but, in reality, it is full of chemicals. These chemicals lead to calcium build-ups in the body, which causes kidney stones. Pure water doesn’t do this. Your kidneys function as they are supposed to, removing the toxins from your body. The best part is that there are fewer toxins within your body, making you feel and look healthier!


But Doesn’t Distilled Water Lack Minerals?


There are many people, especially those who offer water filters and bottled water manufacturers, who claim that distilled water is actually unhealthy for you. They claim that there is a severe lack of minerals in the water—they are removed just like the impurities are during the process. This isn’t necessarily the case.


Minerals are more likely gained from food than water, so it doesn’t really matter. If it did, it is possible to add the minerals back in at an affordable cost; much more affordable than constantly buying bottled water!


Distilled water is more affordable and very safe to drink. There is no proof that it takes out all the minerals but that doesn’t really matter; you get the minerals from your food. It does remove the chemicals and impurities and you can drink as nature wants you to!