Is Distilled Water Safer Than Tap Water

Tap water is considered to be somewhat more contaminated water than the advanced home filtration systems. However, this is a belief that bottled water manufacturers want you to believe. The truth is that tap water is relatively safe; but is it safer than distilled water? It is important to look into where the water comes from and treatment processes that they go through.


Strict Regulations Surrounding Tap Water


Tap water is actually safer than bottled water. It goes through a lot of processing and is under strict regulations. If certain impurities are found in the water, like faecal matter, the supply has to be stopped and the water will need to come from somewhere else. This doesn’t happen with bottled water; the regulations aren’t as strict.


However, there are some contaminants that get through. There are chemicals and impurities that can lead to health problems. These are usually caught through the many checks throughout the week but some are allowed to remain. This is where the distillery process comes in.


Removing the Chemicals from Your Tap Water


Distilled water is much safer than tap water—but you can use tap water to get it! You simply add the water to a water distiller machine and it will remove the chemicals, impurities and contaminants usually found. There is no need to buy expensive bottles of water. In fact, using tap water and putting it in a water distiller is better, as it will take fewer rounds to remove the chemicals.


By distilling your tap water, you will have almost 100% pure water. This not only offers more health benefits, it will taste much better.


Watch Out for Bottling


You may want to take your water on the go with you. Whether plain tap water or distilled water, you can still expose yourself to chemicals by accident. These come from the cheap plastic bottles that you use. Chemicals from the plastic lead to imbalances in the hormones and are linked to cancer. There are some materials used that will avoid this so you can drink on the go, so look out for them.


Tap water is actually quite safe but distilled water is better for you. While tap water does go through some very strict regulations, the distilled water removes the majority of leftover chemicals. It is worth spending that extra money for a water distiller and then using the tap water through it.