Bottled Water vs. Distilled Water: What’s Really the Best Option?

There is a major battle between bottled and distilled water. Manufacturers of bottled water will tell you it is the best but that simply isn’t necessarily true. Distilled water is almost 100% pure. There are very few chemicals and contaminants found, especially when it comes from the plastic bottles.


The Regulations Surrounding Bottled Water


The regulations surrounding bottled water are nowhere near as strict as those surrounding tap water. It is very common to find e-coli and other impurities in bottled options, due to the process that it goes through. Studies have found poisons and faecal matter. This just isn’t possible with distilled water.


The distilled process means that the water is evaporated and condensed at least twice. The impurities are removed and most of the time you will have water that is 99.9% pure. It improves your health and the flavour. Consider it this way: your kidneys don’t have as many calcium deposits, so they function properly without stones!


Chemicals in the Plastic Bottles


You need to really think about the type of bottles that you buy. Plastic bottles used for bottling the drinking water are full of their own chemicals. These get into your water and cause problems, including hormonal imbalances and health issues. You could find that your testosterone levels are much higher than they should be, leading to all types of problems in males and females.


There are some links to cancer. For those who have a bottle of water now and then, you won’t need to worry too much. The cancer is linked to long term use. However, if you can, avoid the plastic and drink distilled water out of a glass.


The problem is that distilled water can lead to these issues if drank out of plastic. If you are on the go, look for bottles that are made with materials that don’t have all the chemicals. There are some that are approved by the FDA and are safe for adults and children.


The manufacturers want you to believe that their distilled water is the safest but that is not necessarily true. There are a lot of chemicals to consider; chemicals that are removed when the water is distilled. It is not just the water though; you need to think about what you’re drinking out of!