Are You Drinking Poop? The Truth About Bottled Water

Bottled water is made out to be the healthiest option. Of course, when you think about the people promoting it, you see those who have made it and people selling it. There are rules and regulations regarding bottled water but they don’t necessarily lead to the best options. You could actually be drinking poop!


How Is Bottled Water Made


Bottled water goes through a slight purification process. It is nothing like distilled water, which removed 99.9% of the contaminants, but it is considered better than some tap water. This depends on the manufacturer and companies bottling it. The FDA supports chemical-free water but the regulations allow for some impurities, including faecal matter (yes, poop)!


In fact, tap water is safer, where the regulations are much stricter. With tap water, there is no faecal matter allowed. If this is found, then the supply from that particular area must be stopped and changes made to make it suitable for human consumption again.


E-Coli in Your Water


The regulations for bottled water also allow some e-coli to be present. This can lead to health problems and sickness. This isn’t allowed in tap water, nor will it be found in distilled water. Bottled water can make your organs struggle to function and knock years off your life. Is it really worthwhile?


According to some studies, there has even been arsenic found in some bottled water! This is a poison, so it’s no wonder why so many people in the world are struggling with sickness bugs and illnesses. There are simply no rules in place for bottled water to be tested for parasites. Healthy adults may not suffer as much from these, but the sick, elderly and very young really will.


The Testing of Bottled Water


Of course, bottled water is tested but only once a week. Is that really enough for your water to be tested? Tap water is tested many times within a week to make sure it is always healthy for consumption. It is clear that you have no idea what you are drinking when you reach for that bottle of water off the shelf.


You really could be drinking poop. Sure, that is possible with tap water but it is less likely due to the testing and the strict regulations. If in doubt, remove all the impurities with distilled water.