Why Do People Believe Distilled Water Is Bad for You

There are many people advocating against distilled water. Despite the water being pure and better than tap or bottled water, there are some who say that it is bad for the health. This is because the process also removes some of the minerals that water has. It can remove the calcium that builds strong bones, among with other necessary options.


Getting Nutrients into Your Body


It’s really important to have a healthy and balanced diet and water is just part of that. There are many minerals that your body benefits from, including magnesium, calcium and iron. However, the majority of these come from food. In fact, most people will focus on their diet and the food they eat to make sure they get all the nutrients they need.


Think about it: when have you ever thought about the nutrients you get from water? You drink it because it is good for the body in general. People drink it because they are thirsty or they want something other than the sugar-loaded sodas. You don’t necessarily drink it for the minerals.


Tap and Bottled Water Aren’t Healthy Options


When you want the best for your body, you need to focus on everything that is in or not in water. You can’t just focus on the fact that tap and bottled water still have the minerals. They may do but they are outweighed by the amount of chemicals and impurities that are in them. This is especially the case when it comes to bottled water.


Tap and bottled water do have some regulations but they’re not strict enough to remove all the impurities. Bottled water can still have poison in it, let alone animal faeces! Distilled water removes all of these impurities. The body actually gets water and has a lower risk of kidney stones and other health problems.


On top of that, distilled water tastes better. It enhances the flavour of anything that is added to it.


The next time you hear about distilled water being bad for you because of the lack of minerals, remember one point. It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. Without that, you won’t get any of the nutrients your body needs. Most minerals comes from food, so it doesn’t matter if the distilling process removes them!