Is Purified Bottled Water Better Than Distilled Water?

There are so many different types of bottled water. If you check the labels, you’ll find that some state they are distilled and others are purified. Distilled bottled water means that it has already been through the process and is pure but what about purified water? What exactly does that mean and is it better than distilled water?


Purified and Distilled Water Are Different


It is really important to note that the two words do not mean the same thing. While purification does remove the impurities and minerals, like the distilled process does, it does not take the water through the same process of reverse osmosis or evaporating it. Most of the time, the purified process is through the use of UV rays.


UV rays are harmful to the skin and body but are great for removing organic matter from the water. It does create pure water, just like boiling the water and letting it condense again.


So, Which Is Better?


The truth is that both are just as good for you. Whether you boil the water or use UV rays, the impurities are removed. This leads to pure water to drink that enhances the flavour of anything that you make with it.


It is possible to get machines that use UV rays to purify the water. However, these are much more expensive than more distilled water machines. You will need to consider your budget but it may be worth opting for the cheaper product if you are going to make it at home. When buying bottled water, either purified or distilled are excellent options.


The Removal of the Minerals


Both purification and distilled processes do remove the minerals from the water. These minerals are needed by the body and may make the two options sound unhealthy. However, you can get the minerals from your food. In fact, most people will get the minerals they need from their food and not the things that they drink!


The next time you see a bottle of water with “purified” on it, you can be happy to know that it is just as good for you as distilled water (and vice versa!). They both go through a process to remove all the impurities and minerals, so you get to drink the pure water.