Is It Better to Make Your Own Bottled Water?

Bottled water is convenient. You can take it with you anywhere and drink on the go. You can store it in your handbag or briefcase, take it to the gym and buy it in different flavours. However, it is possible to make your own bottled water. You can opt for distilled water and put it in your own bottle. But is this really better?


Bottled Water Full of Impurities


Look into the regulations surrounding bottled water. The manufacturers and people selling it will lead you to believe that it is safer for you but that’s not really the case. The regulations are much stricter on tap water than bottled water. Bottled options still have some impurities—some of those hazardous to your health. Removes those impurities.


There is also the factor of the bottle. These are full of chemicals that can cause hormonal imbalances and cancers. It is really important to research the type of plastic that is used. Not only can it harm your body, it can also harm the environment; making it worse for you to live in the future.


Distilled Water –  Bottle it Yourself Is Cheaper


Distilled water is safer and it is also a cheaper option. The cost of the Water Distiller may seem high at first but this is an investment. If you really have the time and space, you could cut the cost of the Water Distiller and do it yourself using your own utensils. Once you buy the Water Distiller, it will run for a few years and all you need is a couple of safe bottles to use for travelling.


It is amazing how much you can actually spend on bottled water, depending on the size you buy. After a year, you will have spent more on bottled water than on the Water distilling machine. The Water Distiller really is worth the investment; not to mention it is healthier for you.


Benefit from making your own distilled water and bottling it. You know that the impurities from the water have been removed and the bottles are safe to drink from. There are manufacturers offering bottles that are 100% safe and don’t have all the chemicals that cause health issues. In the end, you will also save money by making and bottling your own distilled water.