Is Distilled Water Safe for Your Dog or Cat?

Distilled water is excellent for human health. Even though minerals are removed, those minerals can be gained in other ways. It would seem like the same thing could happen with other pets, especially dogs and cats. However, you may find that distilled water affects your pet’s life for the worse.


Dogs and Cats Need the Minerals


Your pet needs the minerals from the water. If you used distilled water, you are using pure water that doesn’t have the essential minerals or vitamins. These include calcium and magnesium, among many others.


But surely the animals can get the minerals from food? Pet food isn’t designed with this in mind. You could offer your pet human food but its body isn’t designed to digest it all. The minerals will go to waste and your pet will struggle throughout the day. Its own food is specifically designed to match the digestive system and needs.


Why Tap Water Is Safe for Pets


Your pet will not get that ill from drinking tap water. It is full of impurities and contaminants but a dog’s or cat’s immune system is strong enough for all of them. Unlike the human body, an animal’s body is able to handle the various germs and bacteria; just look at the type of things your pet picks up from around the garden or during a walk around the park!


Tap water is full of minerals, especially potassium, which animals need. There is research into how a lack of potassium affects pets and how distilled water can contribute to the issue.


Adding Minerals to Your Distilled Water


If you want to bypass the impurities completely, there is a way around the problem. You will need to add some minerals to your distilled water. You can do this by buying supplements from your local pet store. Talk to the employees to find out about the best minerals for your pet’s needs. You can give your animal everything it needs, while helping it to remain healthy.


Distilled water is excellent for humans but not the best for animals. Animals need the minerals but that doesn’t mean distilled water is a big no-no. If you are willing to spend extra on the mineral supplements, you could bypass the contaminants and give your pet the best water available.