Is Distilled Water Any Better Than Spring Water?

You may hear about spring water on a daily basis. The bottled water manufacturers use it and claim that water from certain parts of the world is better than others. While that is the case, and spring water is refreshing, is it really better than distilled water? What is the difference between distilled water and spring water anyway?


Spring Water from the Valley


Spring water comes from various natural springs, artesian wells and various underground sources of water. It is often taken and then bottled up to be sold. Of course, there is a treatment process to help “clean it”. It is considered to be healthy and pure but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has had the same filtration process as distilled water.


It does have a lot of nutrients and minerals that are good for you. This is one of the reasons why people decide to drink it over any other type of water. It also tastes good—much better than regular tap water.


The Filtration Process of Distilled Water


And then there is distilled water. This goes through a filtration process to remove all the impurities that are found in water. There is no risk of getting poison, harmful chemicals and faecal matter; things that are all found in a lot of bottle water.


The downside is that some of the minerals are taken from the water. This can be seen as a downside since it doesn’t seem as healthy.


Contaminants Are Not Just in the Water


It is important to remember though that the contaminants are not just in the water. While spring water doesn’t have as many as regular tap water—or it would seem that way—it is placed in plastic bottles that are sometimes harmful. The chemicals used in the plastic bottles have been linked to some types of cancer.


There is also the issue with the harm to the environment. While plastic can be recycled, most people don’t bother. The bottles are thrown on waste piles instead of being reused for water. It adds more damage to the ozone layer.


So, is spring water really that much better than distilled water? It does have some benefits but with the rest of the contaminants in the bottles, it may be worth solely focusing on distilled options.